Friday, November 11, 2011

Space Quiz

———This quiz should take no more than 20 minutes.———

1. Explain the differences between deep, shallow, and ambiguous space. List at least five characteristics of each. (1 point per characteristic = 15 points)

2. How is limited space different from deep space? (2 points)

3. What is aerial diffusion and how does it affect deep/shallow space? (2 points)

4. Explain the differences between closed and open space. (2 points)

5. Tell whether each clip / image uses shallow, deep, ambiguous, or limited space. Give at least 3 characteristics to support your answer. (1 point for correct identification, 1 point per supporting detail, x3 examples = 12 points total)

Example A (4 points):

Example B (4 points):

Example C (4 points)

6. Indicate where you could place a camera to create (a) deep space, and (b) flat space. (The circle with the nose is the subject.) (4 points total)

7. Why might a filmmaker want to create a surface division between two characters? (3 points)